11 Things to Buy for Outdoor Lovers on a Budget

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According to statistics, people spend 7.6% of their time outdoors, 5.5% on their vehicles, while 86.9% is spent indoors. Since we don’t spend too much time outside, we definitely need to make the most of it.

What better way to do it than to get some awesome stuff that would make the outdoors a lot more fun? If you are looking for something to buy for any occasion, this list can give you an idea. If you are planning a special event, there are some accessories you can get here.

Here is a list of all the things you can buy for an outdoor adventure.

1. Paper Plate Holders

Paper plate holders are excellent for any event. No more piles of plates cluttered on the kitch-en sink. They can save you a lot of time on washing dishes when you are trying to maintain a party. Pick the ones that are very durable. You can also find reusable and cheap ones.

2. Portable Grill

Grills are ideal for camping. But, you need a foldable one if you want to transport it easily. That is why we suggest a compact size grill that lights up with the touch of a button. No lighter and no matches. You control the temperature. Such grills keep the environment safe, and it is very easy to use.

3. Solar Charger

Solar energy is free energy. You can keep your phones or tablets fully charged with a solar charger. Most solar chargers can charge up to 2 USB devices at the same time. This is a great thing to have, especially if you are camping in very sunny and hot areas. But, it is a good thing to have even if you are traveling during cloudy and cold days. Pick the one that charges up your phones the fastest. Some solar chargers can charge up to a phone from 31%-70% in half an hour. Check the product description and pick the one you find most suitable for your travels.

4. Portable Mini Camping Stove

If you don’t want to carry an entire grill, you can always pick something smaller. This type of camping stove fits only one pot. But, it is great for whipping up a tasty meal without taking too much space. It doesn’t weigh a lot, and you can carry it around with ease. To use it, you screw the portable stove onto a fuel canister. Place a pot on top of the stove and fill it with water. Once the water starts to boil, you can start making your meal.

5. Water-resistant Backpack

These backpacks are made of a specific type of nylon. This is a material that is tear-resistant and waterproof. It has sufficient space to store anything you like, just like a regular backpack. But, this one is more durable and can handle plenty of rain. If you love hiking, it is definitely a good idea to keep your books, phone, wallet, or glasses safe. It is not a heavy bag, as some might imagine. The nylon makes it quite comfortable. Most of these backpacks are very affordable.

6. Compass

If you love exploring, you need to make sure you won’t get lost. That is why you need a com-pass. A cheap one, but very useful. Pick a military-grade one that is resistant to shake, waterproof, with a lens on the rear, and glows in the dark. You need a real compass. Pick the one that is the most durable and functional. The more feature it has, the more useful it will be. Especially if you are trying to bear landmarks and altitudes.

7. Roasting Sticks

Both children and adults love using roasting sticks. It makes the camping experience a whole lot better. Pick the ones with different colors. This way, the children will enjoy picking out “their” favorite stick. The roasting sticks with prongs hold the marshmallows secured in place. This way, this sweet snack will not fall into the fire. Most sticks are very long, but some extend and become much longer. These extendable ones can be very useful.

8. A Sleeping Bag that Converts to Two Sleeping Bags

If you love camping, you need a double sleeping bag. Pick the one that converts to two sleep-ing bags. But, pay attention to the material. You are looking for bags filled with cotton, lined with TC fabric, made of polyester, and it is waterproof. These sleeping bags include two separate pil-lows and are easily carried around in a bag. The materials keep the heat inside. So, you will defi-nitely not freeze overnight. It is a comfortable bed and pretty durable.

9. Trail Camera with Night Vision

If you want to sneak a peek at the animals in the middle of the night, we suggest you get a camera that would catch the entire experience. With a night-vision camera, you can catch a glimpse of all the critters and animals that pass by at night. Get a waterproof camera for the ulti-mate experience. You need a high-resolution with clear sound to record every motion and every image of the wildlife. It is one of the most fun things to use. Affordable, tiny, and pretty useful.

10. A Portable Campfire and Safety Covers

If you hate wasting time on setting up the campfire then lighting it up, this portable log might be what you need. The log is made of pine wood (kiln-dried) that lights up real fast and lasts for about 2 hours. It is very affordable and can save you a lot of time on preps.

Safety Cover is a very simple thing. It is a vented cover that keeps the embers protected and warm for a couple of hours. It is like a shield. Very useful and affordable.

11. Filtration Straw

This is a straw that filtrates water. It can filter enough liters to keep you hydrated. It removes chlorine, iodine, and many other chemicals and bacteria. The water is perfectly drinkable. For those who frequently camp or go hiking, this is one of the most useful things to have.


Carrying around useful stuff when going outside makes the trip a lot more exciting. There are a ton of useful things on the market, especially for people who love camping, hiking, or simply en-joying the outdoors.