5 Reasons to Ditch the Regular Mouse With an Ergonomic Design

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People spend more than six and a half hours in front of the computer every single day. That means that most of us spend a 1/4 of a day at the computer screen without even realizing it. 

Most of us don’t really expect this to expose us to injury, but if you use your computer mouse too often, it can result in exactly that. Based on research, using a non-ergonomic mouse can affect the tendons and cause extreme discomfort in the hands. 

This type of discomfort can later manifest to the neck and shoulders, which can result in reduced flexibility and increased stiffness. If we don’t change the type of mouse we use, the pain and discomfort can get more difficult to reverse and a lot more intense.

What Makes the Ergonomic Mouse Different?

The ergonomic mouse is specifically designed not to hold the shoulder, arm, finger, elbow, and wrist in a cramped and uncomfortable position. It’s manufactured to fit your body in its natural position without causing any inflammation or stiffness.

It places the hands in a neutral vertical position, while a regular mouse bends and twists the arms when used. 

What Are the Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Mouse?

Relying on this type of mouse can have numerous benefits for your overall muscle and bone health. One of the main reasons people choose an ergonomic design over a regular mouse is because of it:

  • Provides more comfort
  • Boosts productivity
  • Reduces the needles and pins in the arm
  • Is comfortable to use for people with arthritis
  • Has programmable buttons

1. Provides More Comfort

Ergonomic mice are designed to feel comfortable. They are specifically tailored to fit the palm of your hands without putting too much stress on the joints and muscles. They allow for easy movement and extra support. 

Such a mouse is excellent for both right or left-handed individuals and can fit anyone’s style and hand size. While a typical mouse doesn’t offer such variety, which means you are limited to a single type of movement that forces the hand to bend in unnatural positions. While an ergonomic mouse is completely different, the shape and size of the mouse are versatile and can be manipulated to fit the needs of every user.

2. Boosts Productivity

Since this type of mouse won’t put as much pressure on the joints as a regular mouse would, it means you can spend a lot more time on the computer without straining your shoulder and arms. Extended use will not exhaust the muscles, so you can concentrate better at your work. 

3. Reduces the Needles and Pins in the Arms

Repetitive unnatural bending and movements with a regular mouse cause stress and tension in the shoulders, forearms, and hands. Research shows that the more you move the hands in awkward positions, the more muscle strength you need to use to perform daily tasks. This can, in turn, result in loss of strength in the arms and increase the possibility of a potential hand injury. 

An ergonomic mouse is designed not to cause any stress for the joints and decreases the range of motion needed to perform a task. So, you can extend the hand in a natural position without over pressuring the muscles and joints. In other words, a mouse such as this can help reduce the feeling of numbness, needles, and pins in the arms after repeated use. 

4. Comfortable to Use for People With Arthritis

Anyone with arthritis is prone to joint inflammation. So, the more you stress, strain, or twist the arms, the higher the chance of experiencing this type of inflammation. Ergonomic features represent an optimized and vertical design with all the buttons to the sides for easy access.

In other words, if you want to press a button on the mouse, you don’t have to reach for it, it will be very close. Depending on how long or short your hands are, you can pick the design that suits you best. 

5. Programmable Buttons

Certain mice actually have the feature to program your buttons. You can set any button to perform a certain task. This will be like a shortcut you can use for accessing tasks quicker. This saves you the trouble of using the keyboard and doesn’t put as much pressure on the index finger when clicking for the option.

You can use these options when gaming, setting programs like “copy,” “paste,” or “cut” to be within reach. This will boost efficiency and save you plenty of time when working at the office or at home.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes changing even the simplest things can have a major difference in our daily routine – like swapping the regular mouse with an ergonomic one. For anyone who spends hours at the office or at home working on the computer, this is something that can prove immensely helpful. From reducing the uncomfortable pain to boosting productivity, there is a lot you can get out of a simple device such as this. 

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