All The Different Types Of Dressers For Your Home

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A dresser remains one of the best items one can have in their homes for organizing clothes and other things like plates in the kitchen and just about anything that can fit in them. The hard part is choosing the right dresser; they are tons of options out there. 

Before taking the bold step to choose a dresser for your home, you should first consider the types of dressers available. 

There are a couple of dresser types that we will be sharing with you if you stick around. After going through this article, you would know which dresser-type is best for your home. 

In a bit, you will find classifications based on design, material, and style. 

Whether you live in a farmhouse, a modern house, or a contemporary house, you will indeed find the perfect dresser for your home in this article. 

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

What Is A Dresser

A dresser is a piece of furniture that you would find in every bedroom. It comes in different sizes, styles, colors, and designs. You can proudly refer to it as a dresser when it has four or more drawers for storing clothes in the bedroom. 

Although dressers are ideal for bedrooms, they can be placed in hallways, living rooms, and just about anywhere you deem fit. The choice is entirely up to you.

Difference Between A Dresser And A Chest


People often mistake dressers for a chest. There’s a difference. They are way smaller in size and ideal for individuals who live alone and have limited space. Another difference is that a chest is always taller than a dresser. 


Besides being found mostly in bedrooms, dressers are low and long. A dresser is way bigger than a chest and is ideal for houses with a larger room. A perfect way to fill a space that looks empty would be to get a dresser.

Dresser Types By Design

Bachelor’s Dresser

The smallest of all dressers is the bachelor’s dresser. As the name implies, this dresser is ideal for one person. This type of dresser has only a single column of drawers. They don’t take too much space, and some products might have surfaces that you can read or write on. If you have many clothes to store, you might want to get something more extensive. They are larger bachelor’s dressers that have up to 6-7 drawers. 

Are you living in a small apartment, and you have limited space? This type of dresser would be a perfect match. 

Horizontal Dresser

This fantastic piece of art was referred to as “the chest” back in the ’70s and ’80s. This type of drawers usually have two columns of drawers and are horizontally oriented. You can easily spot a horizontal dresser by its look. They typically take a large area of space. 

A horizontal dresser can come in wood, metal, wicker, or glass. If you have a large family and enough space, I would recommend getting this kind as it has many storage options. A large countertop is also one advantage of horizontal dressers; you can use it to read, work, or place light materials like books, artifacts, flower vases, and other decor things you want. Placing overweight items on a product that isn’t sturdy enough may cause damage to it. 

Combo Dresser

As the name implies, a combo dresser is a combination of two different dressers in one. Combo dressers usually have more storage options than regular ones. This category usually has a tall cabinet attached to it, as seen in the image above. Unfortunately, they take a lot of space; however, this should not be an issue if you have a large room. Some combo dressers might even have shelves and without doors.

A combo dresser is ideal for a living room, and you can also keep it in your bedroom. This type is usually the best when it comes to storage options. Based on the combo dresser you purchase, you would have many shelves, drawers, and cabinets for your storage needs. You also get a large countertop area for displaying antiques and other things. 

Vertical Dresser

Meet the vertical dresser, also known as a “vertical chest” and tallboy, is another dresser type you can have in your bedroom. It is usually longer than other types. It can have as many as 6 to 10 drawers. Most people prefer this kind because it doesn’t take as much space as most horizontal dressers. 

Back when I was a child, we had a sturdy looking vertical dresser in our living room, and it sure did serve its purpose. Some versions are small, and others are bigger. If you have a small family, you should opt for a not so big standard vertical dresser. A larger family would need the largest of vertical dressers. The choice is entirely up to you. 

Lingerie Chest

Meet the semainier chest, also referred to as the “Lingerie Chest or drawer.” These beautiful dressers usually have seven drawers, with each drawer dedicated to a day of the week. This type would be a perfect fit for rustic, modern, and classic homes. 

Keep in mind that Lingerie dressers might not have as much storage space as you would require. If you want more space for organizing your stuff, I would highly recommend going for a horizontal, combo, or vertical dresser. 

Dresser And Change Table

The dresser and change table is a must-have for every parent. These are combo dressers or typical standard dressers that have a changing table at the top. Most of them come in heights that do not require the parent to bend in awkward positions while changing the baby. It is convenient to use and space-saving too. 

For your baby’s safety, the changing table would have barriers on edge; this prevents your baby from falling over while you are looking for the right diaper or clothes for him or her. These kinds of dressers make life much easier for parents. 

Gentleman’s Chest

The gentleman’s dresser is somewhat similar to the bachelor’s chest, with a few modifications here and there. A significant change is a cupboard that is attached to the side for suit jackets and trousers. Most versions might even have a mirror installed. A gentleman’s chest isn’t quite common in the dresser world; however, they immediately add beauty to any room you place them. 

A gentleman’s chest is ideal for one person. It does offer a couple of storage options but might not be enough for two people. 

Dresser And Bed Combo

You’ll hardly find this furniture in an online store; these are custom built. You can make this for yourself if you are a handyman by finding a DIY project with plans to show you the build. If you do not know your way around woodworking, you might have to employ a professional to make one for you.

The dresser and bed combo is a unique combination of a bed frame, dresser, and maybe a couple of shelves. Like in the image above, some might even have tables for work or reading. Combining ll is a great way to save space instead of having a separate table, dresser, and bed frame. These kinds of dressers are overly expensive to make because they require a lot of wood and other materials. 

Dresser Types By Material

There are four basic material types; wood, metal, wicker, and leather. Each of these has its uniqueness. The most common material used in producing dressers is wood. However, you can also have a fantastic dresser made of metal or leather. 


This material type isn’t common in homes; regardless, I have one or two friends who own dressers made of metal. Some significant advantages of having this material type in your home are;

  • It doesn’t wear or tear easily.
  • It is harder.
  • It is stronger. 
  • It can survive for years. 
  • It is easy to clean. 
  • It is affordable. 

However, some disadvantages are not pleasing, like rust with time in some areas, there’s also a high tendency of the dresser to react to essential household items. The advantages and disadvantages of metal dressers mostly depend on the kind of metal used. 


With wooden dressers, you get a more comprehensive range of designs. Wood is the most popular and most used material for dresser production. They are also ideal for a rustic, contemporary, or modern home. 

If you have plans on having a wooden dresser, make sure the wood used for production is of good quality, as this would determine your dresser’s lifespan. 

Here’s a bit of professional advice: If you want something that would serve generations in your family, avoid cheaper products. Expensive ones are sturdy, and you will use them for a long time without needing a replacement. 

Here are some advantages of wooden dressers;

  • It is easy to clean.
  • You can refinish it.
  • It is okay for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It works with many decor types.


Are they made of 100% leather? Nope! Leather dressers are wooden dressers with a premium leather finish. This type of dresser is ideal for modern homes. The example above shows a wooden dresser with finely finished leather upholstery on the cabinet doors. Some versions can even have leather on the countertop and bottom of the dresser. 

Specially made leather dressers can have studs, buttons, and gems used to decorate the leather, leaving it with an amazingly distinctive look. These types of dressers have a couple of benefits that you should know about;


  • It is the easiest to clean. A damp cloth would do!
  • The leather color stays bright for an extended period. 
  • It resists liquid. 


These kinds of dressers will make your bedroom or hallway look more expensive. If you are lucky enough, you might find a cheap one for purchase, although the real beauties would cost you a fortune. 

Before considering having this type of dresser, you should consider the disadvantages. While it adds beauty to your home, it could also be dangerous to own if you have kids around. Most versions use glass that can shatter when struck by a heavy object, thus putting the little ones in danger of getting cut. 

If you are like me, who loves to move from house to house a lot, you shouldn’t consider getting a glass or mirrored dresser as they are quite fragile. 


  • It brightens the room. 
  • It is visually appealing. 
  • It serves as a mirror. 
  • It is affordable. 


  • It can get stained from fingerprints and other things easily.
  • It is fragile. 


Wicker is a widespread technique of producing woven things from wood, plastic, or natural fibers. This material is highly resistant to stains, water, and other materials. Most wicker dressers have a wooden base. The image above shows a particular wicker dresser that requires you to pull out the baskets, use them for storage, and put them back in. Other versions can have the build of regular dressers with doors and drawers. Wicker dressers are very light and also cheap. 


  • It is flexible. 
  • It is durable. 
  • Most versions are affordable. 
  • It is highly resistant to stains and moisture. 
  • It is safe to use. 


  • You might notice loose weave with time. 

Dresser Types By Style


These kinds of dressers are ideal for modern houses. If you want your home to have that new and classic look, you should opt for a contemporary dresser. Their designs are top-notch and created with flair. Due to the hard work put into making these, do not expect to buy them cheap. 

Most contemporary dressers do not have knobs for pulling or pushing. The use of knobs has become obsolete in the modern era. You can easily spot these kinds of dressers by their glossy and soothing finishing. Finding the right match for your home decor isn’t a challenging task. There are limitless color schemes to match up with your current home decor. 


Traditional dressers are the most common types. You would find these kinds of dressers in rustic homes. They usually come in a general shape. The image above shows a traditional dresser with a mirror attached. 

You can spend as much money as you want on traditional dressers because they won’t become outdated any time soon. Trust me when I say this type will look amazing in almost any setting. 


Meet the rustic dresser. If you stay in a farmhouse and love old fashioned items, you should opt for this. Distressed wood is the primary material for making rustic dressers. They are usually cheap and would give your home the countryside look that you desire. A rustic dresser is easily noticeable due to characteristics like; a metal handle, sturdy face, unpainted body, and more. 

A rustic dresser won’t look as much in a modern home; however, it would surely amplify the look and feel in farmhouses. Like in the image above, some rustic dressers can come with mirrors making them look a whole lot better. 

If you are into DIY projects and have a workshop around, you can look up do it yourself projects that show you how to build rustic dressers. There are plans all over the internet.

Ultra Modern

Just like humans, dressers have evolved. Meet the next generation dressers. Above is a perfect image showing an ultra-modern dresser. It has no handle knobs for open. Most versions require a slight push and release to open and vice versa to close. 

These futuristic dressers have come to stay, but do not expect to buy them as you would purchase regular dressers. The materials used in making this are of exceptionally high quality and beauty. Even the smallest size of a bachelor’s ultra-modern dresser would require you to spend much. 

Is it worth the money? Yes, It is! You should get these kinds of dressers if you are looking at making your friend’s jaws drop. 


Meet the distressed dresser; it looks old; however, it might just be a few days old. Many DIY specialists have a fantastic method of transforming a new-looking dresser into an old product. These kinds of dressers are available for purchase in most online stores. All you need to do is add the “distressed” keyword in your search, and you’ll find some fantastic products.


The design pattern of these dressers is quite different from the normal. Antique dressers are wooden dressers that have other materials attached to them, such as marble, rare knobs, and gems. An antique dresser can date back hundreds of years. They are not easy to come by and can only be found in special auction sales.


A cottage dresser always comes in a lighter tone. It is ideal for use in farmhouses. They are mostly horizontal in shape and have enough room for storage. The top of these kinds of dressers is never left empty but adorned with country-style flower vases, books, and other rustic-artifacts. 

How To Choose The Best Dresser

If you feel confused as to which dresser to use in your home, I’m here to say, “it’s completely normal to feel that way.” We decided to include a short and concise guide to help you choose the best dresser for your home. 


Yes, I know that the horizontal dresser you just found on Amazon looks excellent, but do you have enough space in your home to contain it? If you live in a castle with more than enough room, then that’s great; go ahead and get as many dressers as you can afford; however, if you have limited space in your home, you will need a dresser that would fit in without taking much space.

One way to know if a dresser will fit is by checking the dimensions and comparing it to the area you intend to place. Most products online should give you the actual dimensions of each product. 


Here’s another vital thing to consider before choosing a dresser. It has to match with your home decor. An ultra-modern dresser would seem awkward in a rustic setting. I have a friend who uses a rustic dresser in his ultra-modern home; trust me, it doesn’t look great. 

If you are still confused about choosing, you might want to consider traditional styles; they look great when used in almost any setting. 


I knew it was time to get a colossal dresser for my kids when my wife was expecting the third girl. If you are struggling with space, you can opt for the lingerie chest. It is long and offers a couple of drawers for storage.