Top 10 Bags Made From Military Uniforms

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Military uniforms show dedication to one’s country and their devotion to serving it. A great way to thank and honor those who serve for us is through wearing their uniform in day to day life.

Whether that bag is directly upcycled from genuine military uniforms or heavily inspired by the kit veterans use, showing pride and gratitude to those who serve is a great fashion statement.

Not only that, but bags made from military uniforms can act as great gifts for loved ones’ birthdays and can even be personalized to include their used uniforms with the help of talented seamstresses. 

Here are the top 10 bags made from military uniforms.

Upcycled Military Uniform Bag

Upcycling is a major trend this year, from a sustainable focus to using what you have, nearly everyone has been embracing it. This military bag is unique; the seller makes each bag to order and is open to being sent old military clothes to make the bag even more personalized. Perfect for the military buff in your family!

The bag comes with genuine leather hand straps perfect for transportation, full-length zip closures, and an additional zip pocket for smaller valuables. The bag’s base has four metal feet to withstand any knocks or drops; durability is key for this product. To add to the personalized nature of this bag, you can also choose the 100% cotton lining fabric to suit your taste. 

This is a great gift idea for a loved one who served or admires the forces, especially as it’s customizable. However, if you don’t have any pre-loved military garments lying around, you can still order one; just make sure to tick ‘Uniform included’ when purchasing. 

Mixed Media US Army Large Messenger

If you are a fan of the ever-stylish messenger style bag, this option will catch your eye. The Mixed Media US Army Large Messenger from Unshattered is a fusion of authentic combat wear and modern men’s fashion.

Each bag manufactured is unique due to the nature of upcycling uniforms; however, these quirks make the bag special. The bag features three internal pockets and multiple exterior pockets that utilize the original uniform’s features. 

This bag can fit the necessities such as laptops, planners, and daily work tools while remaining easy to carry. The rear of the bag is in signature camouflage, and the lining fabric is a complimentary color to keep the bag stylish and modern.

Wheelchair/Walker Caddie 

Another great option created from genuine camo pieces is that this bag is suited for wheelchairs and walkers. Perhaps a gift for the older veteran in your life, this caddie featured two velcro straps to ensure it stays in place on any wheelchair or walker while also featuring two secure velcro pockets. 

The material used to create this caddie is a genuine 50% nylon 50% cotton ripstop fabric that is machine washable. As its nature suggests, this fabric is very durable and can stand the test of time. An inner cotton panel fabric is also featured for a neat and professional finish. 

The camo used for this product is from American soldiers and is a green/beige colorway. If you don’t have a walker or wheelchair, the product description even suggests that this caddie can be used on a bed rail – functionality is key!  Like others in this list, this is a sustainable and upcycled product, so there could be imperfections. 

MFH Combat Shoulder Bag ACU Digital

The military uses the hardest wearing fabrics to ensure product longevity; why wouldn’t anyone want that? With the MFH Combat Shoulder Bag, you have a military-grade camo bag that is perfect for any outdoor or strenuous activities, and you don’t need to worry about it breaking.

The bag has a practical yet lightweight design and features nine pockets and pouches, all of various sizes. It also has an adjustable quick-release shoulder web strap with an additional carabiner. The adjustable strap allows you to move around easily, and the ergonomic design stops it from becoming a bulky annoyance, perfect for being active. 

Military 1st recommends this practical bag to any hikers, hunters, fishers, and any additional active outdoors lovers. This bag is built to survive in the wild and won’t break on you after one trip (not all bags can say this)! The material is 100% polyester and one size fits all.

Memory Totes From Military Uniforms

Tote bags are another great trend at the moment; when paired with upcycled military uniforms, they become even cooler. This Etsy store uses upcycled genuine uniforms to create functional shopper bags, and like other mentions on this list, you can send your uniforms off for a personalized touch. As stated in the product description, this is a great retirement gift for anyone who has proudly served their country. 

The tote bags can have canvas or sunbrella fabric added to them for a unique look if wanted, and they’re fully lined with 100% cotton fabric for a professional touch. Inside pockets are also included and are large enough to hold cell phones and wallets. 

Each bag is unique and the talented seamstress creating these bags actually serves in the military, so knows the importance of preserving the uniform. Embroidery can be added at the request but comes at an extra charge. Memory totes are a unique and personal way to commemorate vets that had an extra impact on yours or your loved ones’ life. 

US Army Market Bag

Another option from the retailer ‘Unshattered’ is the US Army Market Bag; this bag is designed for women and has a crossbody strap and a smaller and more portable shape. The strap is adjustable and available in two colors, so no need to worry if you’re taller or shorter – one size fits all!

Each bag is unique and may have a slightly different pattern, but all the bags include three internal side-wall pockets and hardware coordinates with the body strap’s chosen color. The bag is approximately 14 x 11 inches; while this is a smaller bag, it’s suitable for day-to-day use, and it’s more comfortable than lugging around a large purse. Hooray for a hands-free strap!

The bag was created for women by a woman fighting addiction; she created the bag in honor of a loved one who was serving. This sweet back story makes the bag even more meaningful. 

Upcycled Military Uniform Cosmetic/Makeup Bag

For any of the skincare or makeup lovers reading, there’s even a compact bag option made from military uniforms. Though this list option isn’t as large or functional as some may want, it’s a great smaller option if you are frequently on the move or need a new place to store toiletries. This is also a great travel bag or pencil case for kids who have parents in the forces. 

Like others on the list, this little bag can become a personal keepsake if you send off a loved one’s old uniform. The talented seamstress can turn old military scraps into a heartwarming makeup pouch, and even the old badges or embroidery can be worked into the design upon request. 

The bag comes in sizes-small, medium, and large and makes for a great one-of-a-kind gift. This is an excellent idea for those who have spouses or parents in the forces, keeping loved ones close and maintaining possessions safe.

Camo Mini Zip Tote Bag

While this entry isn’t strictly made from recycled military uniforms, the design is taken directly from authentic US military camo designs. Sword and Plough is a brand that donates a portion of the bag sales to ‘The Green Berets’ and offers a 10% discount to veterans. 

The tote bag is US made and includes a secure zipper top, leather straps, interior and exterior pockets to make sure your belongings are safe. It even has a D-ring to secure your keys onto.

Sword and Plough’s brand mission is to ‘empower veteran employment, reduce waste, and strengthen shared civil-military understanding.’ All products are made in America with care for the planet – sustainable and patriotic!

Direct Action Messenger Bag Camo Green

A messenger bag is essential for work and travel, so if you want to get one that will last, a military-inspired one will do the job. Unfortunately, this option isn’t made from military uniforms; however, it is made from military standard fabrics such as 500D Cordura Nylon with a water-resistant coating.

The bag is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, and a versatile medium bag size. A padded sleeve inside ensures any belongings, like a laptop, are stored securely, and this is fastened with a ‘hook and loop’ flap with additional buckle fastenings. 

There are various colors to choose from, such as olive green, urban grey, shadow grey, coyote brown, and black – all inspired by real army camo. This is a good option for someone who needs a bag used every day, as this messenger is designed for heavy usage. 

Military Uniform Wine/Liquor Bag

What’s the best kind of bag? One that contains alcohol, of course! Another fun way to repurpose some old military uniform is to send it off to become a novelty liquor holder. This is great if you’re particularly outdoorsy or fond of camping, it’ll keep that expensive wine hidden in plain sight.

Just send off any old clothes, badges, service tapes, and even pins, and you’ll have a fully personalized bag. The shop’s description explains how the uniforms are all genuine and hardwearing, meaning the bag is unlikely to break and can withstand usage. 

The designer and owner of the shop stay in contact during the manufacturing process to ensure that you’re happy with the final design before receiving the product – customer satisfaction guaranteed. This is a great gift idea for retirements or promotions. 


Buying bags made from military uniforms is a unique way to thank all the veterans who serve our country. Hopefully, within this article, there is an option for everyone and nearly every purpose too! Whether that is making a personal gift or just having a patriotic liquor holder, there’s a military uniform bag for everyone.

While buying a simple camo print bag is cool, it doesn’t hold the uniqueness of purchasing one that utilizes fabric that has been worn in the military. Sentimental value is often overlooked, but usually, once you invest in a piece with some history or meaning, you’ll subconsciously find that you’ll cherish it for longer than a standard bag. Bought a bag made from military uniforms? Let us know what you think in the comments.