Foosball Table and Ping Pong: The Pros and Cons You Should Know About

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“All work and no play.” This is a general concept of today’s world. Most of us focus on what we have to do for the day, but very few actually think about having fun, particularly at work. 

When you think about a fun game to play with colleagues or friends, the first two that probably come to mind are foosball table and ping pong. 

It’s no surprise that most startup businesses and even tech giants like Google and Facebook already have “break rooms” where employees can bond over playing foosball or ping pong, enjoy competing against each other, and replenishing their energy. 

Foosball Table And Ping Pong: Which One Is Better?

Games such as these have dominated breakrooms in businesses for quite some time now. But, they are not the only place where they are popular to have. Many people do invest in a foosball or ping pong table to have at home. 

Both of these are super popular, practical, and fun games to play with. But, if you want to choose between a foosball table and ping pong, then you’ve come to the right place. Besides, not everyone has the resources to spend on both of these games. So, sometimes it’s best to know what you are looking for and whether or not the item you want to buy is a good investment.

Here, we will compare both of these games, talk about their features, good, and bad sides, so you can have an easier time deciding which one to go for. 

Why Choose a Foosball Table?

Foosball has long been a super popular tabletop game. It’s just what you need if you are looking for a way to pass the time. It has a solid structure and can handle plenty of pressure, like the GYMAX Foosball Table, for example.  

gymax foosball table

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The best thing about it is that plenty of people can play at the same time. The style of play will inspire everyone to communicate and make up strategies to beat their opponents. Without teamwork, it is almost impossible to win, which is why players will always try their best to play in sync. 

Foosball also keeps you active. Every time you play, you engage your knees, wrists, shoulders, arms, and feet to move. The faster you move, the more you improve your blood circulation. So, this is a great way of staying healthy and having fun at the same time. 

Of course, a game like this does come with its cons. If you plan to take up foosball competitively, then you should be prepared to learn a bunch of rules. But, those who prefer casual play will most likely avoid playing by the rules. So, it will be a bit hard to perfect your skills.


  • Plenty of people can play together
  • Inspires communication and strategy
  • Builds teamwork
  • Improves blood circulation


  • Too many rules to follow for competitive play

Why Choose a Ping Pong Table?

Ping pong is a super popular sport you can play at any time. It’s one of those recreational sports that you will love. 

Of course, you don’t have to be super talented or skilled when playing ping pong; you can just “go with the flow” and enjoy kicking the ball around. No matter whom you play against, you will always have a laugh. 

Plus, a ping pong table is easy to roll in half and store in a garage, like the STIGA Advantage Ping Pong Table, for example. It has a nice coat finish and a blue tabletop that can fit anywhere. 

stigaa advantage ping pong table

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Now, one of the most common reasons people choose to buy a ping pong table at home is because it is excellent at reducing stress. According to records, whenever you feel burned out, you should try to play ping pong. This simple game engages the brain to coordinate with the body movements and focus on improving speed and precision. 

The more the brain is engaged in such activities, the easier it will be to overcome the stress. Such engagement promotes positive behavior, emotions, and thoughts. In other words, ping pong is like mental therapy. 

Furthermore, as you play, you also improve eye-hand coordination, motor control, and movements. Your reflexes become quicker, and you are more aware of your surroundings. In the end, your brain will be more active and energetic. So, it’s a great way to boost your productivity. 

But, like any other game out there, it does have its negative sides. First of all, not many people can play together. Ping pong is best played 1v1 or 2v2. So, if you are in a big group of friends, most of the people will end up watching and waiting in line to play. Also, it’s not best for very small children since most of the ping pong tables are pretty tall, it will be impossible for small kids to reach the table, let alone hit the ball.


  • Help reduce stress
  • Makes you more productive
  • Engages the brain
  • Very energetic


  • Not fit for very small children
  • A maximum of 4 people can play

Still Can’t Decide: What About Both?

If you can’t make up your mind between a foosball table and ping pong, then why don’t you go for a combo model like the Best Choice Products Game Table instead? You will get to play both foosball and ping pong with a simple tabletop swap. 

best choice products game table

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That way, you won’t have to sacrifice any of your favorite games and still save a few bucks. When you are done playing, you can always stack the tabletops on top of each other to save plenty of storage place. So, this is definitely a win-win for those who love both of these games.


Whether you like to pick a foosball or a ping-pong table, it all comes down to personal preference. If you want something that more people can enjoy playing, then the foosball table is the perfect pick. But, if you’d like a game you can enjoy with just a limited group of friends, then the ping pong table may be just what you need. Of course, if you want to have both, you can always get a combo table. It’s completely up to you. Let us know the game set you’ve chosen in the comment section below.