How Does a Swing Set Add Value for Those Planning to Sell Their House?

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The real estate market is going strong. In the last quarter of 2019, prices for residential properties went up by 2.55%, and the price of apartments increased by 9.46% – that’s more than 5.15% of the growth rate registered in 2018. And with the constant increase in housing prices, many families are looking to sell their properties and make a profit out of it. 

But, in a slow and highly competitive environment, it’s important to always stand out from the rest; that’s exactly where investments come into play. Investments are a solid starting point for anyone looking to increase the resale value to their property. It makes it more tempting, eye-catching, and easier to sell in a time of need. 

Now, you might be asking yourself, “does a swing set add value”? This is the kind of outdoor accessory that makes the home more appealing without detracting from the family budget too much. But, is it a good selling point? Here, we will show you exactly what a swing set can do for property sellers. 

Does a Swing Set Add Value to Your Home?

To answer the question does a swing set add value to a house, let’s take a look at the statistics. 

Anything from adding a new façade, to changing the windows, rugs, furniture, and more, is always an effective strategy for making sure the home is visually more appealing. However, that’s not the only thing that can increase the resale value of your house; in fact, outdoor furnishings can have almost the same impact as organizing and refurnishing the inside of the house. 

how does a swing set add value for those planning to sell their house

Including pavilions, outdoor fireplace, pergolas, and even a swing set can increase the value of a house by 10% to up to 25%

Of course, each of these outdoor furnishings can have a different impact on the sale value of a home, depending on a client’s interest. For example, some families who are looking to buy a house better suited for children would prefer a playground over pavilions. 

While those who want a place for parties and gatherings may choose to have a fireplace or pergolas in their backyard. But, no matter the client, these types of furnishings do add value. 

4 Ways a Swing Set Boosts House Resell Value 

It may sound unusual, but there are many ways a swing set can add more value to a property, especially for sellers looking to make the right investments. Here are the most influential ways a swing set can increase the value of a house you want to sell.

  • It Makes the Backyard More Appealing

Investing in a swing set is all about adding more color to an outdoor space. This makes the backyard a lot more appealing to the younger generation. Clients get both a functional and practical swing set; their kids can enjoy, like the Flexible Flyer Swing Set, for example. 

  • It’s Both Fun and Healthy for Children

Swing sets are not just about having fun; they also serve as a functional fitness center that helps children stay active and enjoy the outdoors. For clients who constantly worry about their children spending too much time in front of the computer, this is a welcome sight. With a swing set like the Lifetime Monkey Bar, children will be more engaged, active, and take turns enjoying a healthy exercise. 

  • It’s More Affordable Than Other Outdoor Furnishings

Investing in swimming pools, ponds, or in anything else for the outdoors is a lot more expensive. So, for anyone who wants to limit their spending, a swing set is always a better alternative.

  • It’s Easy to Clean and Maintain

With a hectic lifestyle, having low-maintenance outdoor furnishings is always a huge plus. If it’s easier to keep, clients will be willing to invest in the house you are selling. They are more likely to appreciate the benefits of something that is easy to keep.


When it comes to home improvements, some people may ask themselves, does a swing set add value? The answer to that question is yes; there is a high possibility that this type of outdoor furnishing is something worth investing in. It’s a cheaper amenity with plenty of things to benefit a potential home buyer. 

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