How To Find Out If Someone Is Cheating On You?

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First, he stole your heart and promised the world to you. You couldn’t help but fall for his charm, and before long, you disappeared into the sunset together. But of late things aren’t as they used to be. He is acting queer. He comes home late. He doesn’t look forward to spending time with you like before. The red flags are all over, and you are almost sure, he is having an affair. However, you haven’t really caught him red-handed, and now even if it means using a spy camera, you are ready to expose his cheating acts.

According to Kat Hertlein, a human development professor at the University of Nevada, approxi-mately 40% of men go outside their relationships to seek sexual satisfaction. Therapist and Monog-amy Myth author, Peggy Vaugn, also reported that 60% of men and 40% of women would, at one point in their marriage, have an affair with someone rather than their partners. There’s no denying the fact that both women and men cheat on their spouses.

In most cases, people find their soulmates after they are married. This forces them to abandon their marital bed for the exciting union outside. Regardless of this fact, cheating pierces the heart of the victim like a double-edged sword. The question is, how do you know if someone is cheating on you? Here are 5 of our best-kept secrets that work for both genders

1. Patiently Observe Their Behavior

A cheating spouse will adopt certain behaviors that can be easily linked to infidelity. No matter how well they try to hide these acts, if you carefully and patiently observe them, it won’t be long before you smoke the rat out. Things to look out for include their sudden disinterest in lovemak-ing, being absent even when present, hostility, and acting mean and overly critical towards you.

Pay attention to their computer and phone activities. Are they keen on closing the computer when you walk into the room? Do they insist on having privacy when online? Do they walk out on you to pick up a call? Have they changed their speaking tone on certain phone conversations? If you an-swered yes to these questions, brace yourself for what you are about to uncover.

2. Snoop On Their Cellphone

Avast conducted a survey in 2014 and found that 1 in 5 men and 1 in 4 women admitted to check-ing their partner’s phone secretly. Those who carry out this privacy-stripping activity know that the mobile phone is the heart of all infidelity cases. People snoop on their partner’s call logs and text messages to uncover any secrets or illicit activity. If you want some juicy information about your spouse’s dirty acts, find time to go through their phone without their knowledge.

3. Monitor Their Online Activity

Even with all the tell-tale signs, don’t be too sure that you will catch your spouse cheating on you. There are a plethora of undiscovered infidelity cases out there. However, it doesn’t hurt to try. One of the most effective techniques of confirming your suspicions about a cheating spouse is through their online activity. Thanks to the web-based world we call home, a lot happens via the internet. If you want to know what your partner is up to when they go online, check for the follow-ing:

  • Browser History: This will help you know the sites visited by your special someone. If they are careful, they will delete their browser history, but even this will mean trouble.
  • Email Inbox and Outbox: If you can access your partner’s email credentials, get in there, and check every recent activity as well. If you don’t have their address or password, ena-ble cookies on your browser and wait for your partner’s next internet session to expire, then log in again.
  • Use an Alias to Engage Your Partner: Want to push things further and really become a cheating detective in your own home? Create a fake Facebook account or get on an online forum frequented by your spouse and flirt with them. Beware though that this can damage your relationship if it goes south.

4. Track Their Phone

If the above strategies don’t get you what you are looking for, go all out and use some technologi-cal tool to track their phone. There are plenty of tools and software in the market to do this today. These programs have the ability to track virtually all activities of the user, including exact locations. Some even have social media monitoring, chat recording, email recording, and other powerful fea-tures.

Pro Tip: Learn your state’s rules regarding electronic surveillance before going this route.

5. Install A Spy Camera

Surveillance cameras are often reserved for spouses who say, “I need tangible proof that my part-ner is really cheating.” If you want to catch them in the act (having sex), this is the only method to use. Discreet spy cameras and other surveillance equipment have removed the need for private investigators out of the equation. (A list of best spy cameras can be found here.) Available spy cameras include the following:

  • In-Car Cameras: These are small devices that help you know where your partner is lo-cated at every given time and will record and take pictures of whatever happens inside your spouse’s car.
  • Compact Spy Equipment: These are pocket-sized, powerful cameras that can be in-stalled in a number of places including the phone and in a room.
  • Listening devices and GPS trackers: A camera isn’t the only valuable surveillance tool used by people to catch acts of infidelity. GPS trackers and listening devices have their place in the industry as well. The former will notify you of the location of your spouse while the latter catches sounds and voices for up to 10 meters helping you catch an odd conversation.
  • Phone Spyware: This is special software installed on the phone you want to track. Doing this will enable you to download your spouse’s pictures, text messages, call logs, and even record conversations. If you don’t have the time to learn how phone spyware oper-ates, simply download a phone spy camera app and set it to record phone details at spe-cific dates and times automatically. If you have an extra phone, you can link it to the tracked phone and watch all the recordings on real time on the new phone’s screen.

Finding a cheating spouse may be difficult, but if you know where and how to look, you don’t even need sophisticated tools and software to catch your cheating partner. As an endnote, prepare your mind for what awaits you if you do find that the person you love is cheating on you. It can get nasty at times!