Swing Set Buying Guide: What Age Are Swing Sets For?

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Do you want to buy a swing set, but you don’t know if it’s the right one for your child’s age? Many people wonder what age are swing sets for, can my child play with it, or will I buy it too early? To answer your question, it depends on the child and the swing set. 

It’s no secret that we all enjoyed swinging when we were little. You probably spent hours at the backyard playing with your swing set. Now, you want to give your child the same amazing memories you had. But, there is only one thing stopping you – you have no idea if your child will be old enough to play with it.

Here, we will help you figure out when is the right time for you to buy a swing set and for what age you should get it for. Here is our swing set guide based on a child’s age.

What Age Are Swing Sets For?

To answer the question of what age are swing sets for, first, you have to get familiar with the general rule for swing sets. If a child can sit on their own, they can use a swing set; if they can’t, they are simply not ready yet. 

swing set buying guide what age are swing sets for

Therefore, kids as young as six months can play with an infant-designed swing set. These swing sets have a more secure seat to keep the child safe. But, if you want to buy a swing set with a regular seat, your child must be four years or older.

The 4 Types of Swing Seats Suited for Children Based on Their Age

There are a bunch of different types of swing sets designed for a specific age. You have the:

  • Bucket seats
  • High back seats
  • Regular seats
  • Athletic swing sets

Let’s take a closer look at these different types and whether or not they are the ideal one for your child’s age.

1. Bucket Seats: For Six Months to One-Year Olds

A child must be able to sit and hold the head on their own to use a swing set. That’s why the minimum age is six months old. However, age may vary from child to child. Some children can learn to sit much earlier than others. Therefore, you must make sure that the child won’t need your assistance when using the playset.

The bucket seats are meant to secure the lower body in the swing and keep the toddlers safe in the swing. They come with two holes on the front that are meant for the legs to pass through. But, have in mind that children using bucket seats need to be supervised at all times.

2. High Back Seats: For Two-Year-Olds

The high back seats are designed for a bit older toddlers. The two holes on the front have the same purpose as the bucket seats; this is where the legs go through. The vinyl bar and seat belt right above the leg holes are the reason why these seats are safe for toddlers. They make sure the child doesn’t fall down or out of the swing.

The slightly curved surface on the back is designed to support the back and keep it in place. Children prefer this type of seat since it gives them much more freedom and mobility than a bucket seat. It’s much easier to move the arms and legs to play with the swing.

3. Regular Seats: For Four-Year-Olds or Older 

Once a child is four years old, they can finally play with a regular swing seat. There is no back, leg, or arms support on a regular swing seat. Therefore, a child must know how to rely on their balance, use the weight of the body to swing, and hold the chains tightly so they won’t fall.

This type of swing seat is usually accompanied by other attachments. Many swing sets feature a trapeze, slide, steering wheel, telescope, and more, like the Flexible Flyer Swing Set, for example. With a swing set like this, there are a lot of features a child can play with, which will definitely let their imagination run wild. 

4. Athletic Swing Sets: For 6-Year-Olds or Older

When a child is 6, the entire world will be their adventure. They will want to explore, experiment, and play with more challenging toys. Athletic swing sets are often paired with gangplanks, crawl tubes, long slides (5 to 9 feet high), Fireman’s pole, and more. They have regular swing seats, but a lot more activities to play with. These sets come in different shapes and sizes, and some have bridges, others have ropes, etc., like the Backyard Discovery Woodridge Swing Set, for example. They are often customizable and require plenty of space to set up.  

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what age are swing sets for, it will be much easier to find the right playset that will suit your backyard. The design of the set greatly depends on the age of the child that will use it. Therefore, it’s best that you check the age-requirements for each swing set you before you buy one. 

If you are running on a low budget, in this article you can find some info about alternatives to swing sets.