Ways to Relax and Massage Your Body On Your Own

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Nowadays, it is easy to get distracted by work or a busy schedule and forget to devote some time to self-care. Sometimes, people can’t seem to find an empty spot for a simple massage session in their calendars. This can become a greater problem if it lasts for prolonged periods of time since stress needs to be released from our bodies in order for it to function properly. If you are one of those busy people, here is how you could do a massage on your own, without ever having to leave your home.


A relaxing scalp massage is something you can do any time, anywhere, and you will feel refreshed and relaxed afterward. According to a researches, massaging your head may have healing effects over time, so make sure you do it regularly. Giving yourself a scalp massage is easy too; you just need to place the heel of your palms on either side of your head, just make sure it is near your temples. Proceed to push the scalp toward the ceiling, hold it for a while, then release. Repeat this across your entire scalp.


Relaxing your hands is pretty straightforward. Place one of your arms on top of your thigh. Use the heel of your other palm and push in the direction of your resting arm’s wrist. Make sure you don’t give yourself a brush burn, but also pressure hard enough to at least feel some heat. Then, open the palm of your wresting arm and do the same thing all the way down toward your fingertips. Don’t forget to include the mound of your thumb too. Repeat this exercise a few times, then do the same thing on the other hand.


A good face massage is one of the ways to alleviate painful headaches, leading physiatrists to recommend, but it could also simply help you relax after a stressful day. The tension will be gone in a few minutes, and you just need to follow a few simple techniques. Lightly press your skin, drawing small circles along the edges of your face – your hairline, the area above your eyebrows, and the place where your jaws meet. Next, use gentle strokes to rub your earlobes between your fingers. Rubbing both of your temples at the same time helps as well.

Lower Back

You are going to need a tennis ball, or any other small round object, in order to relax your lower back. The first thing you need to do is to place the ball on the floor and lie on it. If you don’t enjoy the feeling, you can also try to put it between your back and the wall. After the initial step, start moving your body slowly side to side and up and down. The ball will make enough pressure to get rid of muscle tightness. Just make sure you don’t put the ball directly on your spine to prevent injuries. You need to press the ball just the hard enough, so you get the wanted effect, but not too hard that you start feeling pain.
Repeat everything for a couple of minutes, but make sure you are not overdoing it.


It is obvious that sitting in front of a computer screen for a long time does our bodies no good. This position makes our muscles tight, and that can lead to some more serious issues, such as chronic pain, according to physiatrists. The shoulder/neck area is often neglected, even though it needs plenty of care. If you feel some stiffness in your neck, relax your shoulders as much as possible and gently tuck your chin. This will help your neck stretch and will get you rid of some tension. Next, press the point where your neck meets your shoulders using two or three fingers and feel your muscles relax. Release after ten seconds and repeat the action as needed. Lastly, you could try rolling your shoulders back and forward to release even more tension.


Sitting for an extended period of time will make your thighs very stiff. You may not notice this at first, but due to the nature of our jobs today, a lot of people have problems with thigh muscles. Try getting your hands on a foam roller if possible, if not, you can use a tennis ball instead. Roll it on top of your thighs for a couple of minutes. Also, the palm of your hands can mimic a roller if you don’t have one, so try making small circles with it. Work your way from the knee up to the whole thigh. If your palms start hurting, lean forward, and use your elbows instead. Just make circular movements, and you should get rid of some stiffness fast.
Make sure you’re doing this exercise at different angles if you want to achieve the best results.


Our calves are significant parts of our bodies because their role is to endure any pressure given to our legs, such as wearing high heels, walking great distances, or running. If you are equipped with it, feel free to utilize a foam roller along your calves. On the contrary, if you do not own anything similar, your hands could work just as well. Place your finger on both sides of your ankle and work upwards toward your knee in small circles, along with your calf muscles. If done properly, you should be able to feel the tension slowly leaving your body.



Feet is one of the most important parts of our bodies, but a lot of people don’t understand that. Your feet need to be relaxed because you will either spend a lot of time using them, or you won’t use them at all some days. Both situations are bad. So, grab a tennis ball or anything round-shaped and put it under your feet. Roll the ball under the surface of your feet and remember to roll it under toes, arch, and heel – don’t skip any parts. Mildly roll it back and forth and side to side to achieve the best results. You should feel immediate relaxation and relief.