What are the Ironing Board Sizes?

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Ironing boards have come a long way. The earlier boards were invented and utilized by the Vikings back in the 9th century. These consisted of even whalebone pieces where women would use heated rocks to press clothes. Over time, people went from using these board to ironing on their kitchen table and then to creating the current safe and sensible ironing boards.

Ironing boards make ironing easy, effortless, and less time-consuming. They are, therefore, valuable additions in any laundry room. With them, you can iron while standing, make height adjustments if need be, and fold the board when not in use to conserve space.
Size is a huge factor to be considered when choosing the best ironing boards. Depending on your needs, you might want a wider surface or a narrower surface, a small-sized board that fits into your space, or a board with wings to make ironing shirts easier. Let’s go over the available sizes in the market so that you know what to buy the next time you go shopping.

1. The Tabletop Ironing Board

If you have a small space in your home and can’t afford a full-size ironing board, this is a perfect fit. It can also be used for laundry on the go. It features a compact design that easily fits on top of a table or even a countertop. When you are done ironing, you can easily fold the tiny legs and tuck it somewhere under your closet or the side of your bed. It is also lightweight, sturdy, and extremely portable.

The tabletop ironing board is ideal for dorm rooms, small office spaces, and apartments. The boards come in different sizes, but the most common ones measure 39 inches long, 12 inches wide and 4.5 inches wide. Apart from sizes, these boards come with different designs including wooden, rustic styles, those made from cotton, v-shaped legged or flat-legged boards, and so on.

2. Small, Compact Models

These are ironing boards that don’t take up much space but have all the essentials of the full-sized models. They are small and compact and can easily fit into any bathroom, laundry room, and bedroom for easy access. Most brands sell these as size A ironing boards and often measure 110 x 30 cm (43 x 12 inches). If you are not looking to iron long sheets and huge curtains, this is what you should purchase. They come with a normal and steam iron holder and are quite lightweight and sturdy.

3. Medium Ironing Boards

These measure 124 x 38 cm (48.8 x 15) and are ideal for small to medium-sized families or individuals who fancy steaming and ironing their garments. The ironing surface is wider than the prior models and can accommodate a wider range of ironing needs. You can select from a vast collection of iron rests, which means the board can handle steam irons, normal irons, and steam generators. You only have to take your pick depending on your needs. These boards also come with two frames (22mm and an additional 25mm stable frame).

Customers can choose any of the two depending on their iron rest selection. These sizes of ironing boards are classified as size B in most stores, and like many other boards, they feature movable heights to allow for flexibility of the user. If you have two people of different heights doing the ironing for you, the same board can be adjusted to accommodate the height differences.

4. Steam Control Ironing Boards

Steam irons are popular than normal irons but because they deliver excellent results. However, they present the problem of water leaks which find their way to the ironing board and finally the floor. This is not a very good experience when ironing a huge load. Steam control ironing boards were designed to take care of this problem. They collect and get rid of the condensed fluid coming out of your steam generator iron. The board has a creative construction that allows excess steam to trickle down and collect in its aqua bowl unit located at the end of the board. This enhances quick and seamless water disposal, so you can iron without having to deal with water all around you. The boards come at a standard size of 124 x 45 cm (48.8 x 17.7 inches).

5. Large Ironing Boards

If you consider yourself a regular ironer and have a large family, the large board measuring 124 x 45 cm (48.8 x 17.7inches) is perhaps the most ideal choice for you. You have an even wider surface for your heavy ironing needs. The boards are actually the most common sizes because they offer more choices than the rest. Despite the size, these boards are lightweight for enhanced versatility and portability. A few come with padding and a cover, but some will require you to source these out for yourself. Either way, thick padding is always the better option since it helps you achieve a better ironing outcome.

6. Mega-Size Ironing Boards

Those who have voluminous ironing needs require something a little out of the ordinary. They need a wider and longer surface to work on so that they can position their garments, sheets, and linen without a hassle. Mega-size ironing boards come in varying lengths with the common ones measuring 49 and 53 inches long. The width is standard at 18 inches. Height can be adjusted to cover 24 – 40 inches. If you are taller, you’ll need to go for a higher maximum allowable height for obvious reasons. For stability, these ironing boards utilize a 4-leg design. If you want more safety, some models come with a child-lock built-in feature.

The super-sized boards come in different designs and weight options. Some have retractable wings ideal for ironing shirts. A few other have a hanger rail for hanging garments, cord holders to secure your iron box in place while ironing, and even a pocket for storing some handy items if necessary.


These are the standard ironing board sizes offered in the market today. Choose one depending on the size of your space, the extent of your ironing needs, and obviously, the size of your wallet.