What is a Fume Extractor?

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If you spend a lot of time in a workshop doing various works such as soldering, sanding, spraying, or grinding, then you are likely in contact with some harmful substances. You tend to inhale a lot of fumes from the metals and chemicals that could harm your health. To avoid this, you need a fumes extractor which sucks all the fumes leaving your air clean. This ensures that you are working in a healthy environment and you can avoid some costly bills later on.

Why Do You Need A Fumes Extractor?

Most people are never bothered enough to get a fume extractor and at best they have a fan in the workshop. The fan is not adequate since it only blows away the fumes, so you risk breathing them while working. It is crucial to have a fume extractor, especially if you spend a lot of time in a workshop for the following reasons.

Respiratory Issues

The toxins released in the air enter your respiratory system causing blockages. The dust and fumes you breathe can stick to the surface of the lungs, which overtime will become worse. This can cause people with asthma to have worse symptoms and may even turn fatal. It may lead to bronchitis, which is challenging to treat and may also lead to death if not handled.

Causing Cancer

Breathing in air that is littered with metallic particles can lead to malignant growths. This can either be in the lungs or sometimes brain in case the particles gain access to your bloodstream. A fume extractor takes in all the toxins that are released in the air, ensuring that your health remains unaffected.

Causes Blindness

If you are dealing with wood or metals, the tiny particles that you get when sanding and soldering can accumulate in your eye. This may cause your vision to become blurred, and finally, you may end up completely blind.

What Considerations Should You Make When Choosing a Fumes Extractor?

Buying the best fumes extractor is about finding the best combination of features to serve your need. You may not get everything correctly, but if you focus on the most crucial points, you should purchase an excellent unit. Some of the most important features to have in mind include:

Extraction Power

It is an essential feature since if your fume extractor doesn’t have adequate power, you risk wasting your money on a machine that won’t help. Usually, a bigger extractor will have more power, but you should ensure that the motor is not less than 20W. If it is less than that it means that you may have to work with the extractor close to you for it to function or it may not get all the toxins.


The filters need to be of high quality and preferably inexpensive to replace. You will need to change the filters from time to time depending on how much you will use the extractor so it should be readily available and affordable. The most common types of filters found in extractors are charcoal and carbon. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can learn how to make the filters on your own by buying the filter material in bulk, so you save money.


If you are majorly a solder, then a soldering extractor should work for you. However, it may not be as effective if you start working on electronics or even wood. Check that the fume extractor that you buy can be used in different applications if you foresee yourself engaging in various tasks. That ensures that your respiratory system is always protected.


The extractor that you choose should have an excellent build so that you don’t have to keep replacing or fixing it. The materials used should be of high quality. If you are uncertain, read more reviews and know what you should buy.


The machine should manage to last you the duration that you will be working. Many of the available models require that you turn it off after 24 hours of continuous using. However, you may not need one that works this well, especially for home use, but it should manage to run for at least 12 hours.

Look out for an extractor that can handle your output comfortably. It needs to be high performance so that it adequately removes all the fumes from the air with consideration to open windows or doors. Ensure that it has a lot of air flow so the cubic feet per minute should be higher since the higher it is, the better it is at its work.


Portable units are usually better since they can be moved around and in case you need to work in a different location you can travel with it. This also helps in finding out the most optimal position for it to be set when working on various items. In this way, you can guarantee that the extractor will suck in all the fumes and particles from your workshop.


Most of the items in a workshop are dangerous, and there is no need to have more. One of the most critical safety features to check for is a spark arrester. When soldering, there are a lot of sparks released, and if they get into the extractor, they may cause an explosion.


Fume extractors can be quite loud, which is annoying. However, many models have a noiseless fan, and that is what you need. A brushless fan is usually more silent.

Guarantee and Warranty

You should look for a guarantee of no less than 50,000 hours or at least two years. Check that the model that you buy has readily available replacement parts or if it comes with some extras that will make it better for you.


It is not an easy task to find a perfect balance of all the features, but it is essential to try and get the most of them to avoid any health issues. However, if you have high airflow and extraction power, you can get a more affordable but effective fume extractor. Don’t worry about spending a lot of money on the unit since you will likely buy it once and your health is more important.