What Is An Oil Extractor Pump?

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Engine oil in a car needs to be replaced at regular intervals. This helps to ensure the oil is always clean. When the oil in your engine becomes dirty, it may lead to problems with the engine itself. The standard way for most people to get the oil out of their engine is to drain the oil manually. This generally involves opening up a part of the engine at the bottom of the car. This allows the oil to drain out of the engine. Once this process is done, new oil can be added to the engine. 

There is a more recent way to get oil out of an engine. This can be achieved with the use of an oil extractor pump. Many people ask what is an oil extractor pump since these products are still new to some. In this post, we consider what exactly an oil extractor pump is. We will also take a look at how these products are used and what their benefits are when compared to the more traditional way of draining oil from an engine. 

What Is An Oil Extractor Pump And What Is It Used For?

An oil extractor pump is exactly as the name suggests – it is a pump that helps to extract oil. In particular, these products are used to extract oil from an engine. The idea behind an oil extractor pump is to help you get oil out of your engine without the need for manual drainage. When it comes to draining the engine, there are several tools involved in the process, and a larger mess is generally made. 

what is an oil extractor pump

These products consist of multiple parts. This includes a tube through which the oil will flow. A headpiece is attached directly to the engine. A container is also added in most cases. Once activated, the head will suck the oil out of the engine. The oil is then transferred to the container through the tube. 

How Do You Use An Oil Extractor Pump?

Using an oil extractor is generally simple. The process does not require as many tools as you would need when you manually drain an engine. You should consider the fact that different types of oil extractor pumps are available. The specific instructions with each may differ. 

Generally, you would open up the cap that you usually use to add oil to your engine. Once removed, the headpiece of the oil extractor pump is added to this area. A vacuum seal will help to avoid air from entering the engine while the pump is being used. 

Once attached, you will activate the product. The specific instructions for activating these products differ between pumps. Consider reading the manual to get an idea of what you need to do. In some cases, there will be no activation – but rather a hand action that allows the oil to be pumped from the engine. 

Manual mode will require you to push down on a handle constantly. Some of the manul options may also come with a pneumatic mode. This will automatically drain oil from your engine.

Once the oil has been drained, you need to find an appropriate way to dispose of the oil. The oil will be in the container that comes with the pump. You can now also add new oil to the engine. When adding oil, make sure you know which car engine oil is right for your vehicle

Is An Oil Extractor Pump Better Than Draining Your Engine Oil?

The process of using an oil extractor pump seems complicated to some people. The problem is, many people do not take the time to consider the advantages that come with the process. 

One of the major advantages is the fact that it is significantly easier to use these pumps compared to draining the engine. You simply attach the head to the opening in the engine and then follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

When you choose the manual route, you will find that the process is more time-consuming. You also need a much larger number of tools to drain oil from your engine when you are not using an oil extractor pump.

While the initial price of an oil extractor pump might make you think that this is the more expensive option, consider a few facts. Time is money in the workplace. When you use a pump, the process is much faster. Secondly, you do not need all of the tools required when manually draining the engine. 


People are increasingly opting for an oil extractor pump. These tools help to get oil out of the engine without the need for the more time-consuming process of draining the engine. Oil extractor pumps are generally easy to use and make much less of a mess. You should, however, ensure you know how to use these products before proceeding with the process.