Why You Should Own a Self-Defense Tool?

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It is simple. Self-defense is a capability to defend oneself against threats or assaults without the help of external physical forces like the police, security, and anyone available. However, S elf-defense can be defined as a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm.

Surprisingly, most people would not see the benefits of defending him or herself from roadside attacks or home breaking-in because they feel the police should always be there to rescue during these life-threatening situations. But that is not the case. You can still defend yourself from life-threatening circumstances before it is too late.

Now, What is a Self defense tool?

Self-defense tools are those devices and possibly techniques that enable you to defend yourself perfectly against harm. These tools come in a variety. They could either be a credit card knife, a stun gun or taser, a mace or pepper spray, a brass knuckle or a knuckle duster, etc. These valuable tools enhance your methods of defense against any physical harm.

Why Having a self-defense tool is useful?

1. Self-defense weapons create a modernized way of defending yourself during an assault without waiting for the police to show up. For example, with a credit card knife, you can inflict severe bruises on your attacker within 10 seconds.

2. Unlike the ancient sword or dagger which will need a series of training before you can handle them. Most modern self-defense weapons are not just easy to use, but they also don’t require much practice.

3. Most of them are Non-Lethal weapons, meaning they can not cause deaths, and hence there is no need of worrying about killing someone while using them. You will either leave your assailant unconscious or severely injured and wailing in pain.

4. They are concealable than ancient types of self-defense weapons, and this means you can easily hide them in your pocket, bag, or purse.

TOP 4 Self-Defense Tools to Carry

Being prepared beforehand to defend yourself against roadside theft or even burglary attacks at home will be of great advantage to your life. You can carry mini weapons in your wallet or purse to wherever you want without anybody noticing them. However, the problem here is what type of self-defense tool would be appropriate to carry along and will it give the quality comeback as expected?

Below this section will help you pick the right tools for your self-defense technique:

1. The Credit Card Knife – This type of object is as small as your credit card. It comes in different designs and features plus, it can also fit in perfectly in your purse or wallet. The item is an ideal self-defense tool for both men and women. You can not use this particular object for domestic purposes like the peeling of an orange or skinning the hide of a deer. There are other knives designed to carry out those things.

The credit card knife can only serve as a means to defend yourself when being attacked by an unknown stranger on the street or at home. Therefore, giving you the confidence that you have a little protection hidden in your pocket against unexpected assaults.

2. The Tasers – The local police use the tasers to apprehend criminal suspects in the area. As a civilian, you can also own a taser but make sure to check your state’s laws and see if you are permitted to use it. This type of self-defense tool is small enough to fit in perfectly in your jean pocket or purse.

A taser primarily has two main components: AN ASSEMBLY which holds the trigger mechanism, grip, laser sights, and battery, while a cartridge carries barbed electrical wires and propellant gas. Some of these stun guns or tasers are designed like short guns and can be fired at a distance using a gas canister. The others are handheld and will require direct contact.

The tasers can cause an electric shock on your attackers’ body, leaving him or her immobile and hence creating a way for you to escape. You shouldn’t also worry about deaths or severe injury because these small weapons are considered to be Non-Lethal.

3. The Pepper Sprays – The pepper sprays are very easy to use, and they offer instant pain to an attacker’s face. This liquid substance is chemically made to burn the skin of human flesh if it is in close contact. The pepper spray contents can either be in small cans with a nozzle or placed in a small plastic gun-like object.

You can also carry this item in your bag, purse or your front pocket so far as it is tightly covered. Pepper sprays have a common type of active ingredient called the ‘capsaicin,’ which is a chemical gotten from fruits of a plant, including the hot chili peppers.

4. Brass Knuckles – if you are good at street fighting or brutal combats, then getting a brass knuckle would be the perfect tool for your self-defense. However, we wouldn’t advise a woman to use this type of self-defense tool, especially when her attacker is a male assailant, except if she’s good at martial arts and will be able to use the brass knuckles properly. The brass knuckles have a similar shape of a cat’s paw prints sometimes without the claws. They are handheld weapons used to defend oneself against fights on the street or at home.

These tools are just pieces of metal designed to fit around the knuckles. Another name for them can be either ‘Knuckle dusters‘ or ‘Brass knucks‘. Whoever wishes to acquire this self-defense tool should use it responsibly because they can inflict severe bodily or facial injuries.


We all need to learn how to protect ourselves without the help of anybody. By doing so, you will increase your self-confidence and learn more personal skills. With self-defense tools, you can protect yourself from any danger.